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Arete Audit

#AUDITTALKS over coffee - ESG/Climate change and the role of auditors

WOW you are amazing!
440 people registered for the webinar from 29 countries!!!!
348 of you took part  in the webinar, 34% was from outside Poland.
Thank you for your trust.

to my great guest speakers:

1. prof. Boleslaw Rok, PhD - Professor of Sustainability Management at Kozminski University, Director of Positive Entrepreneurship Research Lab
2. Robert Adamczyk - ESG Advisor at EBRD, Member EFRAG expert working group on CSRD and EU Platform for Sustainable Finance
3.Muneer Al-Mughairy CIA, CISA, CFE - Chairman of the Board, IIA Oman, Group Chief Audit Officer.

to the partners:

and to the every single person who share the information in social media,

to every national Institute of IIA which share information about webinar with their members.

Webinar was REALLY Informative and inspiring. I am sure that now not only auditors will understand better our role in ESG area. I belive that we gave you a great view from the  EU and also Oman and also other countries perspective. I’am really grateful for this big picture. I think it is great to watch our life/projects/business form different perspectives. It makes as stronger.
I hope that we motivated auditors to be more involved in  ESG areas and Thanks to this the World will be a bit better!

Thank you also for all good words you sent to me after webinar or by email or by phone. It is really nice from your side.
Audittalks_Arete_Audit.pdf (5974 kB)
EU_Sustainable_Finance_Presentation_R_Adamczyk.pdf (2143 kB)
Climate_leadership_prof_B_Rok.pdf (655 kB)
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